3 Reeves turtles In a Condo Don't miss the excellent photos in Noriko's photo journal.
Kemeo's Room (Japanese only) Nice looking web site.  Wish we could develop this kind of page in the future...
Kame World (Japanese only) This is our encyclopedia for turtles and tortoises. 
カメクン (Japanese only) Lots of web techniques we want to learn...
デーちゃんとブッちゃんのホームページ (Japanese only) Penny and Kamejun have visited our site...
(Japanese only) Terrapins's home page.  Very active on BBS.
(Japanese only) Ranmaru's home page for 'Kiwi'
(Japanese only) Piyo's home page for her lovely dog and flowers.
="癒し☆彡" (Japanese only) Introduction to healing, health and beauty life.

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